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Automotive Window Tint Orange County

Automotive Window Tinting

There are so many reasons to have your car tinted. Some buy window film because it looks so good. Others need U.V. protection, while many simply want to keep out the heat and reduce unwanted glare. Whether it’s your first sports car or the family SUV, we have films that will give you the protection you are looking for.



Commercial Window TintingCommercial Window Tinting

Reducing glare, controlling hot spots and keeping both employees and customers comfortable is why building engineers and property managers have window film installed. The window film we have to offer today is simply awesome compared to years ago. Heat rejection as high as 82%, UV protection as high as 99% and warranties that not only protect the film but also today’s modern glass systems.


Residential Window Tint Orange CountyResidential Window Tinting

Sunscreen for your home is really the best way to describe residential window tinting. The fact is, the sun will destroy everything in its path. Harmful UV Rays can and will ruin the inside of your home. Carpet, hardwood floors, drapes and your furniture are at risk. Window film is the only product that offers you protection against the UV Rays and still allows you to enjoy the light that brightens up your home.


Skylight Shade Covers TintingSkylight Shade Covers & Tinting

Skylight Shade Covers reduce heat & glare when window film is not an option. Plastic dome skylights, laminated skylights and most of all skylights constructed with fire resistant wire glass cannot be tinted. Dual pane and even laminated skylights can be tinted, however special exterior window films are needed.



Anti-Grafitti Window TintingAnt-Grafitti Window Film

We offer and install clear anti - graffiti films to help fight against today’s irritating graffiti problems. Store fronts, bathroom mirrors, elevators, public transportation and even outdoor patio wind walls can be damaged and ruined by graffiti and vandalism. Any non-porous surface can be protected by today’s anti-graffiti film.