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Skylight Shade Covers & Tinting

Skylight Shade Covers reduce heat & glare when window film is not an option. Plastic dome skylights, laminated skylights and most of all skylights constructed with fire resistant wire glass cannot be tinted with traditional residential & commercial window films.  Skylight Shade Covers can be installed to help you protect your furnishings and carpet from fading, help control hot spots and most of all reduce the unwanted heat and glare. 

Skylight covers are available in two different shades and two different colors. Skylight covers are made to order and are guaranteed to fit just about every shape and size skylight you can find here in the Southern California area.

Special exterior window films are another option. The risk of glass breakage is still a factor but special manufacturer warranties are available. Again different colors and different shades are availablee. Some buildings need protection from both glare and heat while other simply need U.V. protection.

A reflective film installed on the exterior side of the skylight system is sometimes the best option for several different reasons.  Roof access is sometimes easier then setting up scaffolding in large entryways, elevator shafts and even hotel lobbies. Exterior films are also safer for today’s low “E” dual pane glassing systems.  A normal solar film installed on the inside of a skylight system may simply cause too much solar absorption and result in what we call thermal stress.

For more information about skylight covers & exterior films please simply send us an e-mail or give us a call. We have samples and lots of pictures we can share with you.