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Signature Glass Tinting"Signature Glass Tinting is dedicated to customer service. If ever there is a problem with a particular film and or an installation, our policy is to simply "DO THE RIGHT THING" no matter what the situation, what type of film it is or what kind of problem develops, we will work with our customers and suppliers and make things right. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction."


First off, we install LLumar automotive window film and we believe that the quality of the LLumar is the best in the business. The chances of actually using their warranty is very low, however, LLumar is protected by a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

Keep in mind that most window film manufacturers offer an automotive lifetime warranty, and for the most part the manufacturers stand up and take care of the film if there ever is a problem. In fact, I will tell you that I have never seen a film manufacturer turn down a warranty. If the dealer you are doing business with follows all the rules outlined by the manufacturer then you will be 100% covered. However, we are the only shop in Orange County that offers a NO CHARGE, NO FAULT WARRANTY. Not only will we fix your window film if the film itself fails as outlined by the manufacturer, but we will fix any of your windows if they are ever accidentally damaged, scratched, vandalized even if the window is broken.

(Does not cover windscreens and or windows with defroster lines)


Signature Glass TintingAll of the RESIDENTIAL Window Films that we offer have a lifetime manufacturer warranty. They also have a glass breakage & seal failure warranty.


All of the COMMERCIAL Window Films that we offer have a mininum 10 year warranty and up to a 15 year manufacturer warranty. They also have a glass breakage and seal failure warranty.


We offer only one type of ANTI-GRAFITTI Film. The Hanita Tek 6mil film is the BEST in the business and has a two year exterior warranty and a four year interior warranty against film failure. We only offer a 6mil film and recomend that you avoid the standard 4mil anti-grafitti film.